Courage...we hear about it, we read about it, we all wish we had more of it.

It's easy to feel not very courageous, especially if you compare yourself to the media reports of other people doing amazing things - jumping out of airplanes, going to war, rescuing someone from a burning building, or any other courageous acts.

If you're like me, you may be scared of heights. You may shun fighting of any kind, and the last thing you might do is risk your life in a fire.

But that certainly doesn't mean you're not courageous. In fact, if you've lived any number of years, you've been courageous countless times in your life. You've made tough decisions, overcome obstacles that would have brought others to their knees, survived any number of challenges and difficulties. You already are courageous!

However, life is calling you to be even more courageous. You'd like to stand up for yourself more, make new decisions that bring you greater joy, be in more relationships that enrich your life. You'd like to feel stronger and more confident personally and professionally.

You're not alone! Courage Project is here to champion, enhance, inspire and encourage your courage. You are your own Courage Project and I offer mentoring, training and resources to support you.



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Discover how courageous you really are. Feel stronger and more confident - capable of tackling any challenge. Move through fear to live the life you've always imagined!

By Megan Raphael and Jennifer Byron

The Courage Code...Winner of an INDIE EXCELLENCE Book Award, Winner of an Independent Publishers Book Award.