"Writing is like breathing. I believe that. I believe we all come into life as writers." Julia Cameron

Do you love to write but can't find time, energy or motivation? Are you an aspiring author with a book inside you but can't seem to make writing a priority? Do you want to be inspired and connect more with your writer's spirit?

New writing classes to be announced soon!


Let your pen (or pencil) dance across the page, expressing yourself in the medium you love best - writing. Take the time to be inspired and hear your muse.

This is NOT your regular writing retreat. We won’t focus on technique.  We won’t dissect your writing to make sure it’s grammatically and stylistically correct. 

We WILL provide you with many opportunities to write - AND explore issues that get in the way of every writer...fear, self-doubt, comparison, life's demands, etc.

You will find new ways to find time, space and inspiration for your writing.

Here’s what you’ll gain and learn:

  • How to get the creative juices flowing for your writing.
  • How to overcome self-imposed limits to your writing.
  • How to develop a strong identity as a writer.
  • How to move forward through the quest for perfection and other fears that hinder your writing.
  • How to find your unique voice through your writing.
  • How to stop the excuses and create time in your life for writing.

If you’re like most people, even though you love to write it often takes a backseat to the many demands in your life.  And if it isn’t a lack of time that gets in your way, it’s fears, doubts, or other limiting beliefs.  Write Now! No More Excuses Writing Retreat provides you with the time and space to recapture your love of writing, re-think you and your writing, and develop a plan for writing back home.

Do you yearn to step out of your daily life and have time away to relax and simply write to your heart’s desire?

Write Now! is your ticket to a rejuvenating, reenergizing weekend away, surrounded by gorgeous woods and water, in the company of other incredible people, doing what you love best – writing and learning and growing. 

Have you been searching for a way to find your own voice?

Write Now! offers the time and space for you to find and express your voice through your own unique writing!

Do you sometimes think you don’t really have a creative bone in your body when it comes to having something to write about?   Never fear, your creativity and writing spirit are alive and well…though they may be buried beneath old fears, negative self-perceptions, and bad habits.  

Write Now! allows you to rekindle your creative gifts and let your writing soar!

Have you had thoughts of writing book in the back of your mind for a long time – too long? Do you have something you want to say – and needs to be said – to the world but haven’t taken any steps yet to making it a reality?

Write Now! gives you opportunities to unleash that burning desire to write a book and tap back into your inner writer!

And perhaps you'll even start (or finish) the book inside you...

Contact me directly to express interest in attending and get more details. 231-922-2234, megan@courageproject.com