It takes courage. To live. To live the life you've always imagined. To make a change, tell your truth, take a stand, picture new possibilities for your life. It takes courage to follow your heart and live authentically.

"We've seen women relating, sharing, collaborating, seeking solutions, giving, envisioning, lifting up, intuiting, encouraging, looking out, looking inward, and listening deeply. We've known in our hearts that the feminine face of courage, while different from the prevailing, more masculine one, is amazing and valuable."

--The Courage Code

Every day you act courageously, in large and small ways.

Every day you need to find more courage...for taking care of your family, or for being effective at work, or in just going through your day.

It's not always easy remembering how courageous we are. And it's certainly not always easy finding our courage for living our lives the way we want and need to.

Courage Project's Vision

My vision is the place to come to for resources and services that support you in finding your courage in life and work. .

I have a big vision... changing how the world values the courage it takes to live authentically and lead collaboratively

I want everyone - women and men - around the world to appreciate the kind of courage that comes from the heart and spirit. Because it's the kind of courage that builds bridges between people. It's the type of courage that taps into the humanness and wisdom of all of us. It's the kind of courage that supports us in building relationships and work cultures that bring out the best in everyone - the best ideas, creativity, and compassion.

Courage Project's Founder:


I founded Courage Project in 2003 to change highlight and inspire the feminine face of courage.

I am and have been a leader and manager.I am also the Founder of Megan Raphael Consulting, a training and development firm to provide wisdom and strategies to managers and business owners for fully engaging the hearts and minds of those they work with. I am the Former Executive Director of the National Writers Series; I helped build the organization from a fledgling, start-up to a nationally-renowned, powerhouse in the publishing world.

I am a consultant, workshop leader, public speaker, certified professional life coach, writer, and award-winning author.

I am also a wife, mother, aunt, and sister.

I have served as a mentor to high school girls through Young Women for Change for many years.

I am a community volunteer.

Who I Work With:

I work with individuals and groups to facilitate deeper conversations about what matters.

I work with businesses and organizations to strengthen leadership, collaboration and customer service.

I work with people of all ages – from adolescence to later life – and with differing sexual orientations, ethnicity, cultural backgrounds, countries, etc.

While a major focus is on women, I am committed to supporting all people in living authentically and leading collaboratively.
















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