A Shared Vision...

Megan Raphael and Jennifer Byron met while participating in a 3 day-60 mile walk for Breast Cancer. They knew almost immediately they shared a vision of supporting women in living courageous, fulfilling lives.

Each brought to their book writing rich, varied backgrounds as consultants, educators, trainers, managers and administrators in corporations, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. Both Megan and Jennifer worked with women across the country of all ages in all types of settings for many years – amazing women who were living self-determined, courageous and powerful lives. Women, just like you, making a difference in the world.

Courage means really connecting inside to what you know is right for you and then just either standing up for it, speaking it, or doing it.

-- Anonymous

Individually, and then later together as they shared observations, they noticed something peculiar: most of the women didn’t see themselves or their lives as particularly amazing, powerful or courageous Megan and Jennifer began asking: Why don’t women see their everyday actions as courageous, powerful, and changing the world?

With that question in mind, they set off on a two-year writing adventure. Megan and Jennifer interviewed forty-four women from around the country, and added these inspiring stories of everyday courage to their own insights and observations from years of working with women.

The Courage Code is sold through all fine booksellers.

Megan Raphael

Megan Raphael has over 20 years in organizational development, group facilitation, leadership training and life coaching. For twelve years she was President of Raphael-Leritz Consulting, a successful management development practice in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, Megan has ten years of progressive management experience in organizations including Kaiser-Permanente Medical Care Program, and Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians.

She has a BA in Social Work, and has done MBA course work with advanced courses in organizational development and personal and professional life coaching.

Megan and her husband, Peter, to whom she has been happily married for over thirty years, live in Traverse City, Michigan, and have two adult children, Ryan and Alex.

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Jennifer Byron

Jennifer Byron began her career in marketing for the nation’s largest privately-held food service distributor where she worked for 14 years before making a bold move to higher education. As an instructor and administrator, Jennifer focused her experiences in non-traditional educational formats for returning adult students, many of them women. She was an early developer of online education for a Michigan-based university.














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