Special Note from Megan About The Courage Code

Who Am I?

I'm just like you...

First of all I am a woman just like you, juggling work, family, changes in my body, and transitions in my life. I know what it’s like to initially want to run the other way when called upon to make a tough choice, resolve a thorny conflict, or speak up in the midst of dissenting opinions. I've experienced the reluctance – the utter terror – to tell my hairdresser I'm not happy with my haircut.

I also know, however, the deep fulfillment that is gained when living a life of self-determination. The sense of aliveness that comes from saying: “This is important to me.”

I understand the thrill of recognizing the courage that shows up everyday in my life. I experience the power that comes from tapping into my authentic Self – my true north – and expressing it throughout my life. And I often get glimmers of how I am changing the world because of who I am and what I am doing.

Courage is doing what you know is the right thing to do in spite of fear, opposition or any other deterrent. it is knowing that your values are so important and getting yourself to those values to the extent that it overcomes your reluctance.

-- The Courage Code

Every day, in many ways big and small, I see women making courageous choices that impact their lives and ripple out into the world. I am in awe of women’s resiliency, and know deep in my bones that it is the feminine face of courage that will re-balance and transform our world.

My deepest hope is that as a result of reading The Courage Code YOU recognize and honor your own everyday acts of courage – acts that are truly changing the world.















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