"With Megan's guidance and encouragement, I've had the courage to believe in myself and to go after the life and health I want. And most importantly, I feel confident that I am well on my way on the road to success. Everyone would do well to have Megan as their coach to achieve greater energy and vitality."

"Megan, as my coach, is my directional force. The strength, empathy, and direct questions from her get me to THINK and then admit to myself the proper ACTION I need to take (in some cases I already knew but was still not DOING it!). The gentle accountability creates HUGE momentum in achieving my goals! I would recommend this experience to others - DEFINITELY!"

"Megan does a masterful job of coaching. I loved the way the coaching flowed, kind of like dancing. It doesn't ever feel contrived or scripted or unsafe. It doesn't feel too fast or too slow. The coaching is always meaningful."

Courage Coaching supports you in finding your courage for creating your happiest, healthiest life.

My primary goal is helping you figure out and follow through with choices that get you what you really want - a fulfilling professional and/or personal life.

As your Coach I'll work with you in first creating a vision your ideal life in all areas - work/career, relationships, finances, personal renewal, physical well-being, recreation, and spiritual vitality.

Once you have a clear idea of what you're aiming for, together you develop a plan for achieving your goals. Through our coaching sessions you get new insights, ways of thinking that support your actions, tools and strategies, accountability, and encouragement.


If you're ready to dive into life so you can be happier and spread the joy of living a great life to others in your life, seize the moment now...call me today to talk about how coaching will serve you in having more joy and fulfilllment.


"What a terrible loss it is when people decide not to pursue some passion, to walk away from an opportunity or to not look at the day with open eyes. It takes courage to act on passion...to explore it, to turn it over, ponder it, and determine its authenticity, and then, act." The Courage Code