Do you want to have a life that's more than your To-Do List?

Do you live a good life but feel something's missing?

Do you feel stuck?

Do you want to be more courageous in expressing who you are?

Do you want to have more fun? Laugh more?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Courage Coaching is just the ticket for you!


How Coaching Creates Success

What are the ingredients for success in life? Courage, honesty, willingness, clear intention, discipline, and support.

It takes courage to create the life you want.

A life of your own choosing. A life that each day gets you closer to reaching your dreams.

It takes honesty to figure out what you want.

The kind of honesty that comes when you go within and look at yourself. Honesty that gives you clarity about how incredible and beautiful you really are, as you are. The kind of honesty that helps you be clearer about what you enjoy and love doing...what you care deeply about... what you dislike - what bores you to tears, what drains every ounce of your energy. Honesty that takes some quiet contemplation and truthful reflection in looking at your values, wants, and dreams.

It takes willingness to make some changes.

Willingness to say this is who I am and this is what I want. Willingness to take action despite the butterflies in your stomach or knees shaking.

It takes clear intention and discipline every day to focus on and move towards what you want.

Intentions that spring from your heart and spirit so that you feel energized and inspired. Intentions that guide you in taking 'right' action...action that gets you what you truly want.

It takes support and encouragement to keep on moving forward!

What You Will Gain from Coaching:

The purpose of Courage Coaching is to support you in figuring out and following through with the choices that get you what you really want - a fulfilling professional and personal life based on what's important to you..

And because every day, in small and large ways, you are already acting courageously in many areas of your life, I'll help you acknowledge and build on your strengths and successes.

"Each day, each moment, presents new choices based on new information we discover about ourselves and our world." The Courage Code

Courage Coaching is the way for you to become more skilled at choosing and creating what you truly want.

You will deepen your learning about yourself...what you care about, what you yearn for. You will gain understanding, tools and strategies for living the life you want - a life of your own choosing. You will find more ways to build healthy relationships.

I'll work with you so you have what you need - courage, honesty, willingness, intention, discipline and support - to be successful in all areas of your life.

What is a Coach?

A coach is a listener, trusted advisor, confidant, and a "mirror" . in essence, an objective, caring partner completely committed to your success.

My goal, as your coach, is to support you in:
  • Finding your courage.
  • Believing in yourself.
  • Having the right mindset for you to move forward.
  • Seeing the possibilities and options for your life.
  • Taking actions that will get you where you want to go.

You already have great courage...with the capacity for more.

I know you have deep knowledge and wisdom inside you. My job as your coach is to assist you through questions and observations so you are better able to tap into your authentic, courageous self.

So you can have the life you want!

Courage coaching is one-on-one coaching, giving you the maximum amount of focused time on your specific concerns and goals.

Coaching can be done by phone or, if you live in Northern Michigan, in person.

f you are no longer satisfied with how your life is going, Courage Coaching is exactly what you need!

It will spark your vision of possibilities.

It will lessen your fear and strengthens your courage.

It will support you in becoming who you want to be.

Courage Coaching Includes:

  • A Coaching Assessment Questionnaire to help you tap into your passion, zest, and courage. The questions will make you feel great about you and your life, and will help you be clearer on what you want for yourself - now and in the long-term.
  • One, 2-hour OR two, 1- hour "foundation" coaching session(s) to identify your values, vision and goals. You will walk away from this coaching session with renewed energy, clarity and optimism.
  • 40-60 minute coaching sessions 1-3 times each month (your choice based on your specific situation), with in-between session inspiration via email to keep you focused. Coaching sessions are individualized to meet your specific needs.
  • Unlimited "Touch Base" email to help you focus on a specific challenge or task, or to exchange information on progress towards a goal.

My Clients:

My clients are bright, interested and interesting people, like you. They come from all over the world because the phone makes it easy to connect anywhere and anytime.

They all are unique individuals with a common bond: they don't want to just 'settle'.

They want more from life than slogging through each day...they want to live. Live with more zest - more compassion. More courage!

They understand that to give more to others they need to give more to themselves.

Some are very clear about what they want; others don't have a clue - they just know there's more to life than just their daily 'to-do" list.

The people I work with are ready to break out - from old beliefs that have kept them stuck. Old patterns of behavior that have sabotaged them. Old roles that no longer fit.

My clients are women and men who know coaching is an investment in themselves...and ultimately, to their families, colleagues, friends.

The people I work with are ready to experience clarity, purpose and joy. They're ready to relish who they are. They're ready to contribute to the world and live with purpose.

They're ready for a life of greater fulfillment!

Coaching Rates:

Coaching rates are based on your specific situation and needs.

When you call, you and I will talk about what you want to get from coaching - your needs and goals. Together, we'll discuss the best coaching approach to you, and the coaching fees to best meet your budget.

Coaching is your investment in YOU!

Act now...don't put off for another moment this opportunity to live the life you really want.

Remember: Courage Coaching is your investment in YOU!