Thank you for this marvelous book. Often our biggest enemy is within, our own self-doubt in this time of enormous potential. Please read this book and learn that we need not let fear stop us; it can become our best teacher. Learn why the great seers have told us that courage is the first virtue because without it we can practice no other. Read and discover your own courage!

-- Frances Moore Lappe, author of Diet For a Small Planet and You Have the Power: Choosing Courage in a Culture of Fear

The Courage Code does nothing less than redefine courage and power to reflect women's experience. This is a provocative, important book.

-- Paola Gianturco, author/photographer, In Her Hands, Crafts Women Changing the World and Celebrating Women

The Courage Code is a good basic resource for women seeking to move to the next step in their spiritual journey. It has universal appeal while at the same time speaking to a diversity of women whose paths are taking them to different places.

-- Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole, President, Bennett College for Women

...a stimulating, revelatory appreciation of women from all walks of life who exemplify determination, courage, and power on the most basic, but also the most uplifting, levels.

-- ForeWord Magazine

Especially today, we cannot read enough stories of inspiration, hope and courage. And there are 44 real gems in The Courage Code - as well as the interesting reflections of two insightful authors.

As consultants, teachers, trainers and coaches, Megan Raphael and Jennifer Bryon met many women they would describe as courageous, women who are making a difference in the world, who have endured tragedy, physical and psychological illnesses, who have raised families under the most difficult circumstances. Women who did not see themselves as courageous, all evidence to the contrary.

Their stories help define the new Courage Code, detailed with a sense of organization and purpose in this delightful book. You'll meet women who've built businesses, women who've raised children, women who created life-changing programs for their communities and influenced others to make a positive difference in the world. You'll meet women of all ages and cultural backgrounds, women who have known great want and women who have known great wealth.

The common thread woven among them is the simple message that courage also has a feminine face, one we must value and celebrate. The new Courage Code is an intriguing concept, and I commend these brave women for laying out their lives as part of a new cultural road map.

Their stories are a gift. And as you read through these 360 pages, you will no doubt see yourself and your own courage in them.

Joni Golden, Michigan Women's Forum


















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