Be inspired. Learn more about your natural gifts and strengths. Ramp up your excitement for life. Move courageously into a future you choose. Be healthy.

New, exciting, deeply moving events will be announced soon!!

Workshops, retreats and conferences for your group, business or organization:

Are you looking for a meaningful, compelling experience that will connect your group in a different way?

A gathering that is innovative, and provides participants with time to interact and reflect?

An event that will get you the results you're looking for?

I will provide you and your group or organization with an experience you won't forget...a custom designed program to meet your needs and goals.

You select the location. There are endless possibilities in Northern Michigan - cruising on a boat in Grand Traverse Bay, at a beautiful retreat center in the Northern Michigan woods, or in a house overlooking Lake Michigan. Or choose a location closer to your own home town.

These programs will spark your inspiration and ideas. You won't be just listening. You'll be actively participating, experiencing and trying on new ideas. You'll be engaged in activities to make the information your own…to incorporate it into your life in a way that is meaningful for you.


"A person has to have a voice and be heard, whether it is through art, your keyboard, or by speaking. For us to be complete as women, we need to develop strength to be able to speak our minds and let our voice carry our ideas out to the world." The Courage Code












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